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If you're looking to build a beautiful WordPress website for yourself, an acquaintance, or even a paying client—without writing code—then you must do two things:

  1. Know the basics. You have to understand what WordPress itself is and isn't, and what is and isn't possible with a no-code approach to WordPress.
  2. Choose the right tools and approaches from the outset. Like pouring the foundation of a building, your first choices will shape the outcome of your entire project. And unfortunately, the WordPress landscape has lots of not-ideal choices, which are often the first ones you'll find.

That's where we come in. Our free no-code WordPress assembly tutorials teach you the right way to build a WordPress site, from the ground up. Each demo describes in depth the tools you'll need, how long the job will take, and what to watch out for as you're working, and all demos come with front-to-back videos showing you every step of the way.

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How I Built WP No Code

By fred | December 4, 2019
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The WP No Code site started out simply, but ended up taking me about eight hours to put together. Along the way, I learned a ton about no-code WordPress development—this was the first site where I’d taken it as a challenge and a requirement, so I had to learn what’s possible without relying on the […]