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About WPNoCode

WPNoCode is a project designed to teach you code-free WordPress website creation, the right way.

You can assemble a high-quality WordPress website without code, and without suffering major quality tradeoffs that a later developer will have to come in and clean up later.

It all comes down to choosing the right tools, and understanding how to use them. That's where we come in.

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Your Questions


Who makes these tutorials?

WPNoCode is run by the team at WPShout. We've been teaching tech-heavy WordPress development (using its coding languages of PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML) for almost a decade. We know exactly how to code WordPress—and so we know what you can do without code, and what you can't.

More importantly, we've built hundreds of WordPress sites ourselves. We know the themes, plugins, hosts, and other resources that will rocket your WordPress abilities to the next level—and the many, many alternatives to avoid.

Are these tutorials really free?

WPNoCode's detailed tutorials are 100% free. We make WPNoCode financially sustainable through affiliate sales: if you purchase the products (such as themes and web hosting) that we use in our demos, we'll earn a commission. We recommend these products because they're best-in-class, and we could talk your ear off about why none of the alternatives quite measure up, so whether you purchase anything or not, please understand that these are our genuine recommendations for doing no-code WordPress assembly the right way.

How do I ___?

Send us your questions using the contact form above. We may answer them directly, or we may feature them in a future tutorial.